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Battle of the GIFs! Zynga Launches GIFs Against Friends on the App Store for iMessage

by on April 20, 2017


Get your GIFs ready! We’re excited to announce that we’ve launched GIFs Against Friends, the ultimate mobile party game and the latest addition to our iMessage app collection, including Words With Friends.

Developed in collaboration with Tenor, the largest and fastest-growing mobile GIF sharing platform, the group game is available to play today within Apple’s Messages app and can be downloaded today on the App Store for iMessage.

GIFs Against Friends curates the perfect GIF through a deep integration with Tenor’s full search API, allowing players to access the entire collection of hilarious, iconic GIFs. In GIFs Against Friends, players kick off the GIF gameplay by sending a pre-selected or custom prompt to friends directly in Messages. Once they’ve received the prompt, up to 32 players can anonymously submit their choice for the most fitting GIF to the entire group. The group chat judge then selects the funniest, most relevant or undeniably accurate GIF and crowns the ultimate GIF champion. At the end of each round, the winning GIF is shared within the iMessage conversation for the whole group to see.

Check out GIFs Against Friends today and let the GIF games begin!



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